EXPOSED: Camila Cabello’s perfect plan to leave Fifth Harmony.

Posted originally in December 19, 2016.

Credits to the brazilian site Febre Teen.

I’m brazilian and I’m not very good in english, so if I write something wrong, I’m sorry.

Original post:


Are you shocked by Camila’s departure from Fifth Harmony? We are not.

The announcement of the cuban singer’s disconnexion of the group that gave her fame broke the internet, and is definitely the big topic on the networks on December 19. But many harmonizers had already noticed several signs of her departure and knew that it would happen sooner or later.

What few realized was that Camila was designing a plan of an master to leveraje her solo career. Do not you believe? Look at these facts:


5h gif.gif

Strangely enough, it all started when some fans noticed a certain distance from Camila with the rest of the group. Normani, Dinah, Lauren and Ally interacted a lot more with each other and Camila got a little sideways, and this is noticeable in several videos, just look. The singer sometimes got different flights from the girls and things like that (for example, in Brazil in July, she arrived before the other singers, who took a different flight).


shawn e camila.gif

Shortly after, Camila appears doing a feat with Shawn Mendes. She was the first to do a project parallel to 5H, and the rumors of separation popped up! She ended up giving interviews clarifying that she would not leave the group, and the mood of the harmonizers calmed down a little… but it was there that the seed of the solo career was planted.


camila e taylor.gif

And speaking of seeds… Many people on the internet claim that Taylor Swift planted the seed of discord at Fifth Harmony after the group performed on the “1989 Tour” with “Worth It”. The blonde singer specifically approached Camila Cabello and began to get close with the girl, recorded snaps together and mentioned each other on Twitter.

If you think it’s just a fan thing, you’re wrong. In July, Dinah Jane’s aunt decided to “expose” Taylor on the internet, accusing the singer of trying to separate the Fifth Harmony using Camila as her protege. She even called Swift of snake! A few hours later, the aunt said she was hacked and that she had not written that, apologizing to those involved… But it’s suspicious, is not it?


camila cabello.gif

The north american Billboard found that the Camila Cabello’s agreement with Fifth Harmony had the deadline until December 17, 2016. That means she already knew she was going to leave the group, so she planned her entire solo career. She has always had herself agents and “breaches” in her contract with the group. That’s why that she has feats recorded and ready to be released at any time with producers such as Diplo and Cashmere Cat.

Anyways, Camila teamed up with Machine Gun Kelly. Since she couldn’t release songs by herself, she partnered with an artist of a not-so-known name, so that her name would be the most famous on the song. This makes the audience think of “Bad Things” and associate: “ahhh, it’s these Camila Cabello’s song”


camila c.gif

Knowing that “Bad Things” had potential to hit, Camila and Machine Gun Kelly released the song in a strategic time. And it was get right, the song is rising and now it is in the iTunes Top 10, just now that she announced her departure from the group that gave her fame – generating much more news and making her name become evidence in the world media.

What does that mean? Camila “came out on top”. She just came out of the Fifth Harmony and she is already booming on the charts and on the internet, with a song in the Top 10 best selling. This is a plan of an master!

Again: credits to Febre Teen.


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