TMZ claims Justin Bieber and Hailee Steinfeld are dating. But do not they know she has a boyfriend?


Originally posted on May 02, 2017.

Credits to the Brazilian site Febre Teen. I’m translating this because I think everyone should enjoy that fucking amazing site dragging TMZ.

Original post:

What a barbarity, right? In the 21st century and yet we must put up with macho thoughts that a woman and a man can not have a friendship without being a love relationship. And it is precisely with this mentality that news has come about Justin Bieber and Hailee Steinfeld. TMZ, known for their sensational news, has released an investigation alleging that the two singers are in a supposed courtship.

The first argument used in favor of the investigation was a photo where Justin, during his time in Rio de Janeiro, was on a facetime call with Hailee. In the photo, we can clearly see the singer’s face at the moment the phone is turned towards the window of the car. Take a look:

Let’s face it: a conversation on the cell phone does not mean exactly NOTHING! Not satisfied, the site included an image where both artists met after the Met Gala event, which took place yesterday (05/01). In the photo, both are talking – and that’s all. Check it out:

hailee e justin

But what the site did not report was that Hailee Steinfeld already has a boyfriend, soccer player Cameron Smoller – and we have proof that the relationship is firm and strong.

Firstly, whoever is a fan knows that Hailee has always been very discreet about her personal life. The actress never announced her relationship or did interviews talking about but made an appearance with Cameron at the 2017 Golden Globe. Now on her Instagram, there are several photographs where we see them together and love statements like “Lova boy”. Check it out:

And there’s more!

lova boy

A post shared by hailee steinfeld (@haileesteinfeld) on

Taking advantage of the subject Instagram, in the player’s social network it is much easier to find pictures of the couple (and even only Hailee’s pictures, followed by praises and lots of love). In addition, a photo was posted this week! That’s it! Sounds pretty actual to us, and to you?


A post shared by @ cameronsmoller on

So we left the message that we can not believe anything we see on the internet. Of course, Febre Teen, by committing itself to being a site of fan to a fan, had to get the whole story clean. What Hailee and Justin possess is apparently just a friendship that started when they joined the same church (and who knows they are working on something together, like a song for Hailee’s debut album or for Justin’s new album?) and end. We hope to have cleared up this whole situation.


PS: sorry for my english, it’s not 100% good.


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